Jason Statham Workout and Diet Regimen

Jason Statham's workout diet

So you have just finished watching Death Race or The Mechanic and you are thinking to yourself, “Does this guy have an ounce of body fat?” or anything along those lines, and you want to know. If you had posed this question in 2007, you may have gotten the response “barely.” Following that, Statham continued to push his diet and fitness program to even greater extremes, and as a consequence of his efforts, he was able to lose 17 pounds overall. As a result of this, he has remained virtually completely composed of skin and muscle ever since. It is past time to address the following logical question: what is his secret, after all?

The fact that Jason Statham is worried about preserving his lean muscle mass and keeping his metabolism functioning at maximum speed at all times should come as no surprise. Specifically, for the actor, this means eating as much healthy food as he is physically and mentally capable of digesting. Consider foods such as almonds, oats, salmon, and fowl, and you will be well on your way to living a better life. Aside from protein, Statham prefers steaming veggies, brown rice, and miso soup as side dishes to supplement his protein intake. Statham is a vegetarian.

A prior interview with the actor revealed that he feels that around 95 percent of the food he consumes is “good,” although he does allow for the occasional indulgence, such as chocolate. In order to burn as many calories as possible before retiring for the night, he consumes his sugary and starchy meals throughout the day and into the evening. On weekdays, he follows a similar regimen and does not drink anything after 7 p.m. He simply refuses to eat low-quality fried food and, in the meanwhile, consumes at least three liters of water every day.

However, unlike the Jason Statham diet and exercise plan, which is a collection of training regimens that are continually developing, the Jason Statham workout and diet regimen has a defined schedule. However, this should not be interpreted as implying that his approach to fitness is not founded on the greatest degree of discipline. He is a persistent fighter, pushing himself to work up to six days a week and keeping dedicated to his profession throughout the week.

That is without even taking into account Jason Statham’s MMA training, which continues to impact his outlook on just about everything, even bottle caps, even today. Nevertheless, do not be misled by what others have to say about Hollywood trickery: this guy is the real stuff.

A casual look at Statham’s professional history will demonstrate that the man has extraordinary physical strength and agility. From his early days as a footballer and diver to his performances in films such as Death Race and Furious 7, he has maintained a physically fit physique throughout his career. This is still the case, according to the next Hobbs and Shaw flick. When he was 51 years old, his body was in the best shape it could possibly be, and he had the sort of physique that any person half his age would dream of possessing.

The actor follows unique training routines that are depending on a wide variety of both internal and external situations, as previously mentioned by Logan Hood, Statham’s former personal trainer. As a result, anything from his sleeping habits to his prospective film assignments might have an influence on the details of his current fitness routine. What we can provide is an image of the Jason Statham diet and fitness program, which is every bit as demanding as you would imagine it to be based on his prior performances.


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Height: 1.78 m

Weight: 84 kg (185 lbs.)

Age: 51 years old

Birthday: 26th of July

Birthplace: Shirebrook, United Kingdom

Accolades: Women Film Critics Circle Awards 2006


Jason Statham Diet 

Jason Statham Diet

Here’s an example of Jason Statham’s food plan, which he followed while training for films such as Death Race and Transporter 2:


Foods such as pineapples and strawberries for breakfast may seem too wonderful to be true, but they are packed with nutrients that are beneficial to your health.

Avena sativa – Oats Because they are high in soluble fiber and antioxidants, oats are an excellent way to start the day with a healthy breakfast. They also have the additional benefit of lowering your cholesterol levels.

Poached Eggs – One of Statham’s early sources of protein comes in the form of poached eggs. Yes, eggs contain cholesterol, but oats are intended to counteract this.


Brown Rice — In a stunning change of events, Statham has been known to eat vegan lunches on infrequent occasions. As it turns out, brown rice is a favorite of his. We do not hold that against him.

Steam Veggies – No health fanatic would disagree with a big plate of steamed vegetables, particularly if it meant debating with Jason Statham.

As the actor puts it, “there is nothing better than” a steaming cup of miso soup on a cold winter night.


Peanut Butter — All-natural peanut butter often contains no more than 2g of sugar. You did, after all, purchase all-natural products. Right?!

Nuts – Almonds, cashews, and walnuts are just a few of the many varieties of nuts that provide a substantial amount of nutrition per mouthful.


When it comes to protein, Statham eats a lot of lean beef in the evenings.

Another staple of the Statham home is chicken, which is served as a main course during supper.

Fish – We are not sure whether Statham consumes all of his beef, chicken, and fish at one sitting, but we are confident in his ability to do so given his physique.

Salad – Statham eats his leafy greens and vegetables on his own initiative, with no one pressuring him to do so. If only we could all take a lesson from his success.

Workout with Jason Statham

Workout Routine for Jason Statham

There is no such thing as a specialized Jason Statham workout regimen, as we have previously said. There is instead a rotating door of fitness programs that change depending on the situation. In a recent interview, his former trainer exposed one of these programs to the public, giving fans a rare glimpse inside the action star’s whole training regimen. According to the software’s creators, Statham’s physical characteristics were taken into consideration, and he is likely to have put the technology to use while prepping for Hobbs and Shaw and other upcoming projects in the near future.

Because this workout program was designed specifically for the actor, it is not suggested that you adopt it as a model for your own. If you do not follow Jason Statham’s exact routine, we understand what you are thinking: how are you going to have the abs and muscles of the actor? Our only message is that you should proceed with caution and common sense while dealing with this situation. Additionally, bear in mind that there are a plethora of different celebrity diets and workout routines to choose from, each of which will create results in its own unique manner.

Principles of Exercise

Jason Statham’s training regimens are often varied, and he prefers to utilize his own body weight as resistance when he exercises.

He meticulously schedules his workouts to ensure that he does not get bored with the same kind of activities over time. His main objective is to maintain his athleticism, quickness, and agility. A warm-up is something Statham does almost every day before continuing with his training.

Statham used to be completely unconcerned with his eating habits. His current diet consists of around 2000 calories per day, which is divided into 6 meals that he consumes every 2-3 hours.

Here’s a summary of one of Jason Statham’s exercise regimens over the course of seven days:

Day 1 – Deadlifting as a Progression Maximum of One Rep

Warm-ups and one-rep bench press exercises are performed first, laying the groundwork for the ultimate goal: the almighty deadlift (which is performed last) (i.e. a one-repetition max of the heaviest weight you can lift at one time).


Rowing – Row for 10 minutes on the Concept 2 rowing machine at a rate that is less than 20 strokes per minute for 10 minutes (SPM).

Pyramid Circuit – Move from one exercise to the next without taking a break between exercises. The progression should be made in a pyramid-like method, with one rep of each exercise performed in the first round and one rep added to each successive round. Following the completion of 5 rounds, begin working your way back down. Carry out the exercises listed below: Press-ups, ring pull-ups, and barbell squats are all good options.

Jason Statham on  Deadlift

Workout with Jason Statham on the Deadlift

As a reminder, the weights listed below are those that Jason Statham utilizes for his workouts (again). If you decide to follow a similar regimen, be sure to alter each weight properly.

  1. Reps: 10
    Weight: 135 pounds
    Rest: 1 minute
  2. Reps: 5
    Weight: 185 pounds
    Rest: 2 minutes
  3. Reps: 3
    Weight: 235 pounds
    Rest: 3 minutes
  4. Reps: 2
    Weight: 285 pounds
    Rest: 3 minutes
  5. Reps: 1
    Weight: 325 pounds
    Rest: 3 minutes
  6. Reps: 1
    Weight: 350 pounds
    Rest: 3 minutes
  7. Reps: 1
    Weight: 360 pounds
    Rest: 3 minutes
  8. Reps: 1
    Weight: 365 pounds
Period of Rest and Recuperation

On the trampoline, Statham does aerial footwork for a total of ten minutes.

Day 2 – Circuit Training with a Functional Focus

This high-intensity exercise increases metabolism while also targeting numerous muscle areas.


Routine rowing on the Concept 2 rowing machine for 10 minutes at a tempo of fewer than 20 strokes per minute (SPM).

Circuit with a static hold – Execute each exercise in a circuit fashion, keeping a certain posture for 30 seconds at a time and resting no more than 10 seconds between each set. Complete a total of four rounds. The exercises are as follows: Ring Dip Hold, Kettlebell Farmer Hold, L-Sit on Parallettes or Dips Bars, and Bodyweight Squat Hold are all variations of the ring dip hold.

Big five 55 workout

Statham switches between five different workouts and completes the circuit ten times in total. In each exercise, he begins with 10 repetitions and gradually reduces them to 9, then 8, and so on, for a total of 55 reps each exercise. The amount of time between each set should be kept to a bare minimum.

  • Front Squat (95 pounds)
  • Pull-ups
  • Decline Parrallette Pushups
  • Power Cleans
  • Knees to Elbows on the Pull-up Bar

Day 3 – Consists of Interval Training on a Concept 2 Rowing Machine

Rowing as a warm-up exercise – 10 minutes on the Concept 2 rowing machine at a rate of fewer than 20 strokes per minute (SPM).


Statham’s program comprises six 500-meter sprint intervals separated by three minutes of recovery between each 500-meter sprint session. Not to scare you, but here are some of Statham’s most recent exploits:

Sprint 1. 40.1 seconds 

Sprint 2. 1:39.7 seconds 

Sprint 3. 1:43.9 seconds 

Sprint 4. 1:41.6 seconds 

Sprint 5. 1:38.7 seconds 

Sprint 6. 1:50.3 seconds

Period of Rest and Recuperation

To cool down, Statham takes up two 70-pound kettlebells and executes a farmer carry for 500 meters to burn off any excess heat.

Day 4 – Start Your Workday

This exercise is devoted to front squats, which are beneficial for total-body fitness and strength.


Routine rowing on the Concept 2 rowing machine for 10 minutes at a tempo of fewer than 20 strokes per minute (SPM).

Squats with your bodyweight – 20 reps


Front squats should be performed in 5 sets of 5 repetitions. Statham uses a weight that is 105 percent of his own body weight in order to get this look.

  1. Reps: 5
    Weight: 175 pounds
    Rest: 90 seconds
  2. Reps: 5
    Weight: 175 pounds
    Rest: 90 seconds
  3. Reps: 5
    Weight: 175 pounds
    Rest: 90 seconds
  4. Reps: 5
    Weight: 175 pounds
    Rest: 90 seconds
  5. Reps: 5
    Weight: 175 pounds
Period of Rest and Recuperation

With the help of his trainer, Statham completes 200 ladder push-ups. For those without a partner or trainer, take controlled breaks between each push-up, just as you would if you were competing “1 for 1” with someone else.

Day 5 – Is Dedicated to Cumulative Movements

Another metabolism booster that works throughout the body is shown here. In contrast to circuit training, however, it only requires one whole round to be completed.


Routine rowing on the Concept 2 rowing machine for 10 minutes at a tempo of fewer than 20 strokes per minute (SPM).

Bear Crawl and Crab Walk – Perform a bear crawl for 15 meters, followed by a crab walk for another 15 yards to complete the circuit. After completing 75 meters of each exercise, call a halt.


Prior to going on to the next task, complete the previous one. The exercise is complete after you have finished the whole circuit.

  1. 7-meters Fat Rope Climbs
    Reps: 5
    Weight: Body
  2. Front Squats
    Reps: 5
    Weight: 185 pounds
  3. Ball Slams
    Reps: 5
    Weight: 30 pounds
  4. 15-meters Rope Pulls
    Reps: 10
    Weight: 90 pounds
  5. Bench Press
    Reps: 10
    Weight: 175 pounds
  6. Ball Slams
    Reps: 10
    Weight: 25 pounds
  7. Pull-ups
    Reps: 15
    Weight: Body
  8. Dips
    Reps: 15
    Weight: Body
  9. Ball Slams
    Reps: 15
    Weight: 20 pounds
  10. Resisted Fat Rope Pulls
    Reps: 20
    Weight: Body
  11. Whip Smashes
    Reps: 20


Day 6 – Contextual Effort

This day is dedicated to discovering a physical activity that you like. Hiking, athletics, swimming, and any other activity that develops endurance and gets the blood moving are all good options to consider. Everything that matters is that you complete the task for a total of one hour without being interrupted.


Statham goes on a trail run in the mountains usually lasting no more than 2 hours


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Day 7 – Rest Day

Take it easy. You have earned it.


Frequently Asked Questions

Does Jason Statham Use Steroids?

Jason Statham is a multi-talented individual. He is a successful actor who has also worked as a diver and a professional boxer in the past. However, it is his most recent title that has garnered the most attention: steroid user, which has garnered widespread attention.

On the subject of steroid usage, there has been considerable controversy over whether or not Jason Statham’s body may be attributable to it. In spite of the fact that many individuals have theorized about the effects of steroids on muscle bulk, there has not been much study on their impact on the appearance of masculinity.

Does Jason Statham Do Martial Arts?

Jason Statham, a well-known actor, is a huge admirer of mixed martial arts. He has a purple belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and has had training in a variety of martial arts disciplines, including Wing Chun kung fu, karate, and kickboxing, to name a few.

Was Jason Statham an Olympic Diver?

As a result of his sudden rise to stardom, Jason Statham has become an international star. He was an Olympic diver before pursuing a variety of other careers, including acting. Actor Jason Statham participated in the Seoul Olympic Games in 1988, the Barcelona Olympic Games in 1992, and the Atlanta Olympic Games four years later.

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